Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Your Dog Can Make Your Life Easier

We are an old-fashioned company creating healthy lives by bringing people & pets together through great nutrition. I believe by feeding the best foods, and not breaking the bank you and your pet can make a great life together-happy & healthy. More info

Spa Day at Furry Friends Inc.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Is Your Pet Surviving or Thriving on His Pet food?

 Furry Friends Inc

Do you go to the big box pet store or local grocery store and see the stunning marketing and the beautiful packaging only to be scared by the ingredient panel on the back of the bag? Today, so much money is spent on marketing to YOU that your pet may suffer from toxic ingredients found in the bag.

Top Chefs don't necessarily make great pet foods. Reading the ingredients and understanding some of these mysterious labels is imperative to your pets' health. If you see ingredients like corn (hard to digest), high fructose corn syrup, propylene glycol, (a derivative of anti-freeze), unidentifiable ingredients (meat meal-what meat??) 
Don't be fooled by some grain free products either. Grain free does not mean carbohydrate free. If switching to a grain free food and the 2nd ingredient is potatoes what have you really done to help your pet?
Another really absurd recommendation I often hear is that you should keep your pet on the same food all of it's life. When you got your new puppy did the breeder say "feed this food and nothing else" that's about as absurd as you eating oatmeal and nothing else the rest of your life. Nutritional diversity is imperative to good health. Good health=quality life. Don't let your pet become addicted to unhealthy ingredients as it can be difficult to change your dogs over to nourishing foods.
Thinking about treats? Try single protein sourced treats like dehydrated salmon, venison, chicken, lamb or turkey. Your dogs don't need sugars, toxic chemical preservatives and food coloring. They need real food and real treats. I can't say enough about USA products, SOURCED and packaged.
If you need help with your pet's diet, please send me an em or give us a call @ Furry Friends Inc. We're talking about your best friend here and you make all the decisions. Please make good ones! or ph 719-495-7387 or stop by to see us in Colorado Springs at 3586 C Hartsel Dr. 80920.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dog Food Nutrition in the News

Lily and I had great fun at Fox21 News discussing pet food nutrition. It was sort of funny because it was Lily's dinnertime and boy was she getting excited. Enjoy the video. If you have any questions on nutrition, feel free to em us and check out our website
How to pick out pet food              Watch us on Fox News Now! Click here

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dog Nutrition on the News

We were recently interviewed by Fox21 News. Watch to see the story here

Additional news story will air on June 12, 2015 at 6:30 pm to learn about different varieties of pet food nutrition.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dog Nutrition-Ingredients That Matter

Debbie explains Ingredients and what to look for in dog food. Should your dog be eating grain-free? Which 2 dogs should absolutely have grain free food? Listen to hear some great tools when picking out your pet's food.  More info visit our  Pet Store in Colorado Springs

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is Your Dog Really Listening To You?

I think sometimes dogs have selective when you say "want a biscuit" vs."do you want a bath?"
Dogs can know up to 136 words and they really do listen. In fact, they rely on their super hearing skills much more than we mere humans. But, their ears can be telltale signs to their health,too. Have you ever touched the ear of your dog and they swing their head away? Or, is your dog shaking his head alot? These can be signs of a painful ear infection. Look inside the ear to see if you smell something foul or see any waxy discharge.
Often times, the food your dog is eating may be the problem and too many ear infections can lead to hearing loss. If it is the food there are some commom culprits like wheat, corn or soy in the food. Other issues might be brewer's yeast, eggs or even chicken. The answer is to figure it out and get your dog healthy asap.
Monthly cleaning of the ear with a product like Halo 9 Ear Wash can help. Antibiotics have a place however, sometimes with ear infections the medicine can only mask the real issue. If you think your dog has had too many ear infections, (or even one) let's talk holistic health with cleanings and great food first. Come in and talk to us! Call us at 719-495-7387